Maki Fujita to launch Hiiro no Uta, a new ‘Spiritual Suspense’ manga this October

Spiritual Suspense

The Akita Shoten’s Monthly Princess journal introduced a brand new “Spiritual Suspense” manga titled Hiiro no Uta. The announcement made on Friday in the journal’s subsequent concern on 6 October.


Maki Fujita to launch HIIro no Uta – Spiritual Suspense

The manga facilities on Chika, a girl who lost her mom and shortly after encounters supernatural incidents. Maki ended the Yakusoku Wa Toshokanno Katasumi de manga in the journal on 2 May. Shoten printed the fourth and the last edition on July 16. Maki Fujita launched the Akita Shoten’s Monthly Princess in March 2019.


ADV Manga has previously launched the two volumes of Fujita’s Kids Joker manga. While GO! Cumi has published 4 volumes of Fujita’s Trill on Eden and Tokyopop has launched eight volumes of Fujita’s Platinum manga.

The most popular publication Yakusoku Wa Toshokanno Katasumi is quite unimaginable. After his run on Shoten’s Monthly Princess from December 2019 to April 2020. A popular manga of Fujita before to be popular Hiiro no Uta.

The main story focus on Tamiko, a university girl who used to work part-time in her college library. She has a crush on, Kaito. Kaito, a kind boy who is always possessive towards his partner. Taniko keeps a safe distance with Kaito because she does not want to confuse with the feeling of love for him.

 Hiiro no Uta

The sweet days of the library ended with the arrival of Seta, a new worker. He is probably known as the problem boy of the campus, who is always ready to skip classes unless Tamiko is there. The magazine ended 2 May, Akita Shoten published the manga fourth’s edition on 16 July.

The magazine will be available on portals like Amazon (Japan) and shop specialized in amine and manga in Japan.

Maki Fujita says that they will keep updating the audience about “Hiiro no Uta” as soon as the makers give an official statement.

Fujita will return to the workbench with a new supernatural manga under ‘Hirro no Uta’ which means ‘The Scarlet Malediction’. The most awaited work with occult overtones will be available in the next issue of the publisher’s magazine.

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