Manga Artist Kouji Kumeta Will Be Hosting 30th Anniversary Event Online

Kouji Kumeta 30th Anniversary

Kouji Kumeta is a manga artist from Japan. His most famous works are Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club, Zetsubou-Sensei, Katteni Kaizō, Sayonara,  and Joshiraku. Weekly Shonen Sunday publishes many works by Kumeta. And it happened till the abrupt cancellation of Katte ni Kaizo. And it eventually resulted in transferring te manga to Kodansha from Shogakukan. He has started freelancing in 2014. And the latest serializations of Kumeta are Nankuru Neesan, by Yasu and Sekkachi Hakushaku to Jikan Dorobo. Jikan Dorobo published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from November 2013 and till January 2015. And another one which is published in Kodansha’s Young Magazine on 3rd February 2016 and ended in February 2019. He is currently serializing Studio Pulp for Rakuen Le Paradis of Hakusensha and Kakushigoto in Monthly Shōnen Magazine.

30th Anniversary Event Online

The Fans of Sayonara and Kakushigoto, Zetsubou-sensei will be going to recognize the iconic art style of Kouji Kumeta. In November, next month the manga will be going to celebrate 30 successful years. And the anniversary will be streamed online.

The title will be “Arbitrary Reminiscences: 30 Years of ‘Nakushigoto”. The 30th anniversary will be two parts and it will be online. Part 1 will be going to follow the chat of Kumeta with fellow manga artists Kenjiro Hata and Kazuhiro Fujita. Kazuhiro Fujita has previously worked in Karakuri Circus and Kenjiro Hata worked in Tonkawa: Over the moon for you and Hayate the Combat Butler.

Also, the appearances from Zetsubo sensei, Sayonara, and Kakushigoto star Hiroshi Kamiya will be seen in part 2. Apart from this Hiroshi Kamiya’s co-star, Ayane Sakura will be seen.

Tickets are now on sale for the Kouji Kumeta 30th Anniversary Talk Show are 1,980 yen each. The event will stream on 17th November 2020. You can buy tickets online and you can get a discount there too. And the tickets that are available offline are a little expensive.


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