Monster Girl Doctor Episode 8 Confirmed Release Date and Latest Updates

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 8: This is a Japanese originated light novel series which has taken different forms of an eight-volume series, a manga and an anime version of the same. The anime adaptation was made by Arvo Animation which premiered on July 22, 2020. The show is a perfect blend of the unrealistic and necessary plot having many intriguing elements that delight the audience. Read on to get to know all the information about the Monster Girl Doctor.


Episode 8 Release Date:

The Episode 8 of Monster Girl Doctor is surely scheduled to air on August 30, 2020.


Monster Girl Doctor Episode 8 can be streamed on:

The complete series of Monster Girl Doctor and particularly the episode 8 of the same can be watched on the website, Crunchyroll. The episodes are available in Japenese audio and English subtitles.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 8

The Storyline of Monster Girl Doctor Episode8:

The story revolves around the central theme of the conflict between the two worlds- one that of humans and the other of monsters. With each passing day, the humans, as well as the monster, keep forgetting what is the hefty war between the two about and what all has happened in the war since it raged. One thing they for sure is that many lost their lives during this war. There came a time when the parties were clueless about the reason for their quarrel and finally moved on to live in harmony with each other leaving the enmity behind.

In the human world, Glen Leitbit is a doctor who has great expertise in treating monsters medically. He works with his assistant who secretly has a crush over him. Meanwhile, the only heir of Scythia Transportation from the world of monsters comes to get herself checked and started liking the doctor as well. Eventually, the doctor finds out the reason of her downfall and advises her to start wearing her steel boots which resulted in her recovery. Afterward, this made Glenn ponder if all this was planned just to check his intentions with his patients.

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