Moon Land Gymnastics Manga will be Ending in 3 Chapters

Moon Land 3 Chapters

Sai Yamagishi is the illustrator and writer of Moon Land Manga. The manga published in December 2018. And it is still ongoing. The manga is based on an avid gymnast. And he is still in middle school. The manga has released 77 Chapters till now.

Manga comes to an end

On Thursday an announcement made by Sai Yamagishi about the ending of the Moon Land Manga. He said that the manga will be going to end in 3 Chapters. And these ending 3 chapters also includes the 77th Chapter that released on Thursday only. Apart from this Sai Yamagishi is currently working on the 9th compiled book volume of the series. And this compiled volume will be going to launch in December this year.

Moon Land Manga

Description of Manga

The manga’s English version has simultaneously being made by Shueisha’s Manga plus service. The description of the manga series is as follows:

The plot of the manga revolves around an avid gymnast. His name is Mitsuki Amahara. He is currently in 3rd year of middle school. And there will be a school competition in the final year of middle school. He will be going to compete for the very first time in the competition. He is taken back by an amazing member Sakura Dogase. Sakura did a very stunning and jaw-dropping performance. Sakura is a club member of a Renowned club. Therefore now what will Mitsuki going to do in order to achieve his goals?

As for the manga it is published by Shueisha’s Shonen Jump plus. And it started publishing it in December 2018. It is one of the best mangas in 2019 an still leading. But now as it comes to an end it will be missed. On 4th August, the 7th compiled book volume released, and on 4th November another volume which is the 8th compiled volume launched.

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