Mr Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 8 Release Date And Much More !

MR LOVE: Queen’s Choice Episode 8: After the previous episodes on Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice, the audience has been waiting for the new episode. The drama has been popular among the teens but also received enough criticism. Let us move ahead and read more about the show –


Release Date

The streaming service releases a new episode every Thursday. The last episode released on 27 August 2020, so the new episode will hit on screens on 4 September 2020.


Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Summary

Some main characters of the show are Simon, a genius scientist, and Kira, a superstar who keeps her fans at a high position. Then we have Haku, a police officer who specializes in Evolver-related crimes. Zen is the CEO of the Huarai Group. The story gets twisty when we meet a girl in the massive conspiracy. She has some hidden information that can reveal the truth of her father’s death and her lost memories.

The world of Mr. Love is full of adventure. He goes around solving mysteries with his superpower. The show is largely dominated by romance as well. You will unfold ore mystery as the story moves ahead and that is what makes it worth a watch.

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 8
Mr Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 8

Lucien is another important character who is very intelligent. His high IQ separated him from his friends during childhood. He has a unique character, and that makes him easy to be spotted in the crowd. Then we have an Evol agent, Gavin who works on even dangerous cases and solve them. He used to be a brat during high school and now he has changed for good. Gavin has superpowers allowing him to detect any wrongs in the wind and also with the power to fly.

Another interesting character is Victor, the CEO of the Loveland financial group. He is a wonderful businessman, and he knows how to build up his firm. He established the firm in just 8 years, and this shows how skillful he is. Nobody has ever seen him smile or laugh, but he is an animal lover and has powers to manipulate them.


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