MR Love Queens Choice Episode 8 Spoilers Leaked , Watch Inside !!

MR Love QUEENs Choice

MR Love QUEENS Choice Episode 8: Munehisa Sakai’s “Mr. Love: Queen’s Choicealso knows as “Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE. has made its place in the hearts of people. The show has released 7 episodes as of now. And the fans are in a pool of excitement to know about episode 8 and watch it on the screens. Only three episodes are left for the series to end and a lot of questions are yet to be answered.




The 8th episode of “Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice” is scheduled to release on this Thursday, September 4, 2020.


In Episode 8, HBS is expecting various types of game shows on different continents around the world and it comes to MC’s knowledge. HBS wants to be MC’s business partners and therefore their first stop is Loveland City. This news makes MC glad as she will be the partner of the highest variety of shows in the US. Even after discovering that the CEO of LGF is the celebrity guest of the show, they visit for the recording and negotiate about their partnership.

MR  Love  QUEENs Choice EPISODE 8

Later when Lucien is about to be locked up, he discovers that it is all a ploy and the show can’t occur. In order to save Lucien, MC attacks the mighty villains. Lucien gets angry after he comes to know that MC is hurt. He waits for MC to wake up as she sleeps straight for a week and takes care of her. MC gets up furious as she sleeps for a week and skips work.


SIMON is a great scientist and is good in his field.
KIRA is a superstar and his fans are very important to him.
HAKU is a hard-working police officer.
ZEN is the CEO of Huarai Group and finances the girl’s company.

Mr. Love’s world is about the strange and mysterious superpowers. Many secrets will gradually come out as the story proceeds.

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