Mr. Love:Queen’s Choice Episode 10:Release Date,Preview,and much more!


Mr Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10: Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is an anime that has been adapted from a video game of the same name. The show was adapted last year in 2019 on eighth July. Munehisa Sakai is the director of this anime and its script has been written by Kiyoko Yoshimura. Only two more episodes of the show are left and with this, the excitement of the audience is increasing.


The original run of the game was in 2015.


Release date of Mr Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10

The tenth episode of the anime television series will be released on seventeen September 2020 at twelve AM JST on a Thursday. The episodes of the show are released every Thursday, so the tenth episode is right on schedule.

PLOT (has spoilers ahead)

In the previous episode of the series, MC met with Josie who is an agent of Black Swan. Josie revealed to MC that she will kill her and then also destroy Gavin. But Gavin comes to save her after a long battle with Josie and later it is revealed to MC that she is the queen. Black Swan wants the powers that the queen has. Gavin is ignoring MC because he has lost control over his Evol. At the same time, Kiro suddenly declares that he is retiring due to the disturbance that was done by his fans.


As MC is not able to take out one Evolver she is worried about that. Lucien wins against all the villains which end the ninth episode of the series and Mc and he is able to reach a safe place to save the Evolvers.

To watch the preview of the anime you can the official site. These twenty-five-minute episodes contain action, magic, and fantasy which will keep you hooked to the series. Evols which are psychic powers plays a great role in the anime series.

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