Mr. Osomatsu announced the theme song artist, main visual, and premiere date October 12

Mr Osomatsu

Mr. Osomatsu is a comedy take-off anime series produced by Pierrot Studio It is an adaptation of the famous manga series of Fujio Akatsuka named as Osomatsu-Kun.


The series was made in the light of celebrating the eightieth birthday of the late manga series writer. It aired first in October 2015 and had gained immense success and was renewed for another season 2 again on October 3rd, 2017 which too was loved by its fans and now they are anticipating another season to come soon. We garnered some information from the makers who had released its theme songs and other visuals, Let’s read below to find out more about it


Mr. Osomatsu Season 3: Theme Song

On Sunday, Osomatsu-san, the official website of the series Mr. Osomatsu had disclosed its theme song.

The idol anime singing group AOP had again taken the task for performing the opening theme song of the series which is named “nice to NEET you!.”

The first season-opening songs were also sung by the same group.  Asaki will be the lyricist of the song who was had earlier written the lyrics of season 1 songs.

Mr. Osomatsu Season 3: Character Designer

Eiji Abiko will be the new character designer of the brand new season 3 of the anime series He will be replacing Naoyuki Asano who was earlier the character designer.

Eiji Abiko had earlier been the part of the animation director of the initial season of the series.


Mr. Osomatsu Season 3: Other Members

Unlike the character designer, the other members will be the same for the anime series.Yōichi Fujita will again be the director for the new season 3 of the show. Shū Matsubara will handle the script supervision and writing again for season 3.

Mr. Osomatsu Season 3: Premiere Date

Season 3 of Mr. Osomatsu will release on October 12, 2020, on the platform of TV Aichi, TV Tokyo as well as TV Osaka.

Mr. Osomatsu Season 3: Plot

The anime series is based on the parody and comedy genre, it plots around the Matsuno household, where lives six mischief children who all have the same crush on the same girl name Totoko.

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