‘My Roommate Is A Cat’ Manga Released In English With First Chapter Available For Free

My Roommate Is A Cat

My Roommate Is A Cat manga finally gets an English version. The anime series with English subtitles was way more adorable and with cuteness overloaded. And the English version being made available just acts as an icing on the cake.

The first chapter of the English version of the manga is now available to read on their website, licensed by Lehzin Comics, for free. The success of manga has also spawned an anime adaptation of the series. So, if you love to watch anime series, then you can check out on Crunchyroll for that.

My Roommate Is A Cat manga series’ first book was published in late 2014. The serialization began in June, the following year. The manga series currently has six compiled book volumes, the last one which was released last year in December.

What is My Roommate Is A Cat manga all about?

My Roommate Is A Cat talks about a person who has experienced traumatic events, making the person to not talk to many people. In this phase, people tend to draw themselves in, so even as innocent as a cat can make a recluse see the outside world in a new light.

Written by Minatsuki and illustrated by Asu Futatsuya, the story revolves around a mystery novelist named Subaru Mikazuki. He became a recluse after his parents had died in an accident. One day, he is confronted by a stray cat who had suddenly appeared in front of him, as he was meeting his editor and visiting his parent’s grave.

He believes the cat to have his mother’s mouth, so he took the cat home. With the responsibilities of having a cat, he is forced to go outside to buy cat food. He named his new roommate Haru.

With this new phase, he soon meets a plethora of new people and eventually makes new friends. The writer has seen Subaru in the words of Haru the cat and his own words.


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