Nanbaka Season 3 : Everything A Fan Should Know.

Nanbaka Season 3: It is also known as Nanbaka- The Numbers, is a Japanese manga series created by Shō Futamata. An anime television series was adapted by Satellite, aired between 5th October 2016 to 22nd March 2017. The title of the series is taken from the Japanese transcription of the word “number” and “Baka” meaning ‘fool’ or ‘idiot’. It is directed by Shinji Takamatsu.


The story of Nanbaka revolves, around four young men who are assigned to the world’s most powerful prison, Nanba. Jyugo, who attempts to break out of the prison and ends up extending his jail time; Rock, who is fond of eating and fighting; Uno, a gambler and womanizer, and Otaku, an ex-drug addict. The action following the everyday lives of the prison inmates and guards.


Nanbaka instantly gained popularity, after its release in 2016 and fans described it to be very funny, and the series is packed with hilarious scenes. In April 2017 the finale episode aired and since then, it’s been three years, fans are eagerly awaiting to hear the arrival of season three.

Here, is everything a fan should know about season three of Nanbaka.

Release Date Of Nanbaka Season 3

Well, yet there has been no official announcement made regarding the release date for the third season.
Moreover, Fans are excited about the third season but no official confirmed news is out of the series returning for Season 3.


Spoilers of Nanbaka Season 3

It is rumored that the third season will consist of 12 episodes. However, nothing is officially confirmed yet. The second season ended up in correspondence with the end of volume 6 of the manga. Therefore, the third season will pick up the plot from seventh and eighth volumes.

Characters of Nanbaka Season 3

• Jyugo

• Uno

• Rock

• Nico

• Hajime Soguroku

• Momoko Hyakushiki

• Mitsuru Hitokoe

• Kenshirō Yozakura

• Kiji Mitsuba

• Samon Gokū


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