Naoki Serizawa launches new manga titled My house is a Love Hotel

For all the manga series fans, we have a good news around the corner! The manga creator Naoki Serizawa has launched a new manga which is titled as – My House Is a Love Hotel (Watashi no le wa Love Hotel) recently.


In order to know every single detail regarding the same, read the article below.


ABOUT THE CREATOR : Naoki Serizawa

Naoki Serizawa is basically a renowned Japanese artist who was primarily a photographer.

This exceptional artist has also done work in the field of cinematography and story/art creation.

With all the above, his manga series “ Saru Lock” has also been adopted into a Tv drama and a live action film.

Along with working in the other fields, he has done some amount of work for the manga as well – (Art in the Resident Evil manga series, Story and Art in Samurai Man (manga) and in Saru lock as well.

It is an extremely great news that we are to hear a new manga series from the creator. The name of the series is titled as “My House is a Love Hotel”.

Know more about it below.

About the new series: My House is a Love Hotel

The manga creator, Naoki Serizawa has launched a new manga which was titled as ‘My House is a Love Hotel’. It was launched on 25th September, 2020 on Kodansha’s Manga Kingdom website.

My house is a Love Hotel

Plot of the new series-

The story of this new series by Serizawa will revolve around Yua Amamiya , a girl who has moved to Tokyo for college.

Despite college, another reason for her moving includes following a former schoolmate on whom she has a crush.

It is because of mainly two reasons – for college and to follow her crush also.

She goes to live in a hotel since it was owned by her uncle. But there is more than what seems. The hotel is turns out to be love hotel for couples looking for private hookups.

Process of making the new series

Serizawa had teased in September 2019 regarding the launch of his new manga somewhere around this time only. It was due to the pandemic that no confirmed dates were given.

Serizawa had announced his working on a manga adaptation of a project in March 2018. It was with a planned anime and game, after already working in some character designs.

Watch the new interesting manga series to know more and stay tuned for more information like this.


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