Netflix Announces New Castlevania Spin-off!

The adaptation of Netflix of the Konami videogame, Castlevania has come to an end. The final episode aired on May 13th, 2021. Now, in all honesty, it can be said that the show has come to an end. But, the whole majestic universe of Castlevania continues to thrive.


Hence, Netflix is all set to make to another spin-off series in the world of Castlevania. Now, the show will be having a different set of characters.


Castlevania: Geek Week

Netflix just hosted its first ever Geek Week. The creators of Castlevania bid farewell to their series. But, that wasn’t the end of it. They ended up announcing a new series. As we said earlier it is set in the same world but will have different characters.

The series is going to have amazing collaborations with production of Kevin Kolde’s Project 51. It will be written by Clive Bradley.

Castlevania Spin-off: What do we know

Castlevania became the first show which Netflix adapted out of a video game. The show began back in 2017. It had a great run for the five years until the show ended on May 13th, 2021.

The show was liked a lot by everyone. It was jam-packed with all the dark fantasy and the vampires that people like to see on any show. But, sadly the show has come to an end. Although, the fans of the show can take a sigh of relief now that a new show is coming.

We think another information might also prove to be useful. The stories of Trevor Belmont and Sypha have to a definite end when the current show ended. So, the stories of these characters will not continue.

But, the show will pick up after the stories of the two characters ended. This timeline is set during the French Revolution.

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