New Pokemon Journeys TV anime trailer previews one of the biggest arc of the entire anime series

New Pokemon Journeys TV

Pokemon Journeys: Pokemon has been the evergreen favorite series for all of us whether we are small or big in age. And with the craze and love for the series, it had been back on the Netflix again so that we all can reminiscing the memories along with the Pokemon Journey, Now with the new trailer, Pokemon Journey is all set to bring back some new and old Legends in the Darkest days Of Galar.


Let’s read below to know more.


Possible Biggest Arc In The Pokémon Journey Anime Series.

Pokemon Journeys has always done the best for making us delightful, by always redefining the Pokémon anime Series in the best way they can.

Now with the new trailer release, it is giving us some predictions about the biggest arc in the anime’s Journey, which could possibly be one of the biggest plot arc for the whole anime Series.

Pokemon Journey: Spoilers Ahead!

While the previous generation some visuals had been released which were filled with some spoilers too about the consequences and surprises Ash and Goh will discover in their journey to the Galar.

The next arc will be only focusing on the Galar region where we addressed Ash, to meet up Leon in the previous dynamic battle


Also it will be very exciting to see a mix up of the Anime Series and the film (OVA).We also guess to see MEWTWO in the coming arc which came form the 16th anime film?

For all these answers we have to watch it out first.

When It Will Be Released?

The Pokemon Journeys which has been released with the title of only “Pokemon” in the Japan will be on the Tokyo MX which will be starting from October 9,

Although the other country fans have to wait a bit as it been releasing on Netflix, for the fans of US, where it is release in Batches with current 24 episodes released in English version.


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