New Saru Lock Reboot Spin-off Manga to be Launched by Naoki Serizawa

On Monday it was issued in the November issue of young king bull magazine published by Shonengahosha that Naoki Seriwaza is releasing a spinoff manga for Saru lock reboot manga written by him. The spinoff will be launched in the same magazine’s next issue which is announced to publish on fourth November.


He has titled his new project Saito heaven’s crow fuun risshi which in the English language actually translates to aiming high in heaven’s crow.



The new Saru manga’s plot and storyline will revolve around Saito who is a student in middle school. The boy with silver hair meets Jin and Tetsuro and his life changes. The first chapter of the manga will have total of twenty four pages. And the cover page will be vibrant and in color, to attract the readers.

The boy has no luck with girls and just daydreams about idols but he has a lockpicking talent and can open any lock. This talent is more or less inherited as he is the son of a locksmith.

Saru lock reboot


The writer of the manga, Seriwaza released and published the original manga seventeen years ago in 2003. The last volume of the original manga was published by Kodansha a Japanese production house eleven years ago in 2009. The manga has a comedy genre, and will surely make you laugh. The first manga ended with very successful twenty two volumes.

The year in which the last volume was published, that is 2009 a film with live-action and TV series was also adapted from the manga. The live-action TV and film were also praised by the audience and the critics.

Two years ago, the creator also launched a Saru lock reboot manga in the month of October. And the third volume of the same was arrived on eleventh May.


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