New Visual Has Been Released for Upcoming Evangelion Collaboration Event

Evangelion Collaboration Event

A new visual was released which showed the Evangelion ‘s first unit about to punch the Tokyo Skytree which is the largest landmark in the country of Japan. An announcement was also made alongside the visual which was released. The announcement said that the landmark will be holding a collaboration event where the people will able to take photos with their favorite characters at Tembo Deck which is one of the highest point in Japan.


The first part of the film was released in 2007 that is thirteen years ago. The anime adapted TV web series is available on one of the biggest streaming site which is Netflix and is known as Neon Genesis Evangelion. Only one season was premiered.



The Evangelion Tokyo Skytree project will be held at Tokyo Skytree from the month of December on twenty third till the next year that is 2021. The month in which it will end is March on thirty first. More information will be released about the same in the future dates.

The viewers and the fans of the animated series and films have commented that the Evangelion films are very exciting. And most of the audience even includes it in their top ten lists of anime films and series.



The film, Evangelion 3.0+1.0, thrice upon a time is a science fiction film which will be released in the next year, that is 2021 in Early January. The film will be an animated film. It will be released on twenty three January.

The film has been directed by four people together, they are the Japanese artist, manga creator and also an actor and designer Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki who is a Japanese director, Masayuki and Katsuichi Nakayama.

If you are interested in science fiction genre and looking for something new to watch, this is for you.


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