Noblesse Episode 1: Release Date, Preview, and much more!

Noblesse Anime

Looking for the latest updates about upcoming novel Noblesse Episode 1? 


Release Date of Noblesse Episode 1:

Crunchyroll announced that Noblesse will be released this autumn. Besides Noblesse, Crunchyroll has many other amines in store for its fans. Some of the upcoming animes by Crunchyroll include High Guardian Spice, Ex-Arm and Flu Me to the Moon and of course Noblesse as well.


The first episode of Noblesse is scheduled to release on 6 October that is Tuesday. The anime will be released on Crunchyroll. The anime will release on 5 October in Japan and for other international audiences on 6 October.

The cast of Noblesse Episode 1:

Following is the main cast of anime Noblesse episode1. Have a look.

Tarusuke Shingaki voicing Cadis Etrama di Raizel

Daisuke Hirakawa voicing Frankenstein

Kousuke Onishi voicing as M-21

Ryota Iwasaki as Tashiro Yasuke

Yohei Hamada as Kase Manabu

Noblesse Episode 1

The plot of Noblesse Episode 1: What is the storyline?

The story of Noblesse revolves around Raizel. The protagonist Raizel wakes after 820 years of sleep. Being a nobleman Raizel is known for his title of Noblesse. Raizel has a mission to stop a secret society. Not only, Raizel is a man of pure blood and noble but he is the protector of other nobles as well.

Raizel gets enrolled at Ye Ran High School through his servant Frankenstein. And here Rauzel gets to know about the simple human lifestyle through his friends and peers. However, this peaceful life of Raizel is invaded by modified humans sent by a secret society. And in order to protect the people, Raizel wields his powers. And now Raizel has yo protect the people from the union that loans to take over the world.

After about 820 years of sleep, Raizel unveils various secrets of his sleep.  As of now, we don’t have any other update about Noblesse episode 1. As soon as we get further updates, we will update you soon. 


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