Norimitsu Kaiho’s ‘Akudama Drive’ comes out this October. Know more!

Akudama Drive

Akudama Drive: A brand new original anime written by Norimitsu Kaiho and produced by Too Kyo Games and Studio Pierrot is all set to be released in Japan next month on October 8, 2020. This series is an original one and was not based on any light novel or any manga series, which was the center point for the fans to get more information about it, If you are wanting to know more about this upcoming anime series then worry not, we have some exciting details below the post.


Akudama Drive: What’s the release date?

The anime series Akudama Drive for a new release date of October 8, 2020. Earlier it was decided by the makers to release the series in July 2020, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it got hindered.


Akudama Drive: What’s The Plot?

The story was set long ago, where Japan is shattered and was torn in two parts by the battle between KANSAI and KANTO, which made KANSAI come under the KANTO region so that it can become an independent and developed state, but the plan was not successful as now the whole surrounding area became crime aggrieved by the criminals which are known as Akudama

Akudama Drive: PV Details

The promotional video has been released by the makers which consist of some songs for the series named STEAL which was made by SPARK!!SOUND!!SHOW group.

Akudama Drive: Creator Details

The Director for this brand new anime is Tomohisa Taguchi, The Series Composition task will be handled by Norimitsu Kaiho, Kazutaka Kodaka Is the writer for the story of anime series. The Character Designs are drawn by Cindy H. Yamauchi and the music has been made by Shigekazu Aida

Norimitsu Kaiho

Akudama Drive: Characters And Cast Details

  • Tomoyo Kurosawa will be the voice over for An Ordinary Person
  • Yuichiro Umehara will be the voiceover for Courier
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi will be the voiceover for Brawler
  • Shun Horie will be the voiceover for Hacker
  • Megumi Ogata will be the voiceover for Doctor
  • Subaru Kimura will be the voiceover for Hoodlum
  • Takahiro Sakurai will be as Cutthroat

Some new cast were also added to the series which are:

  • Ohtsuka in the voiceover of Execution Division Master
  • Yumiri Hanamori in the voiceover of Execution Division Apprentice
  • Yoshiko Sakakibara in the voiceover of Boss
  • Maaya Uchida in the voiceover of Black Cat

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