Ojamajo Doremi reveals new visual featuring Six Witch Apprentices from the original series

Ojamajo Doremi is a Japanese anime created by Toei Animation. The series, alternatively titled as Magical Doremi, is about a group of elementary school girls that are led by Doremi Harukaze. Four seasons of the series aired between February 1999 and January 2003.


Ojamajo Doremi reveals a new visual that features six apprentices. Have a look!

Junichi Sato is the director of the original Ojamajo Doremi anime. And it was announced earlier also that alongside Yu Kamatani, the director is looking forward to a new film at Toei Animation. Midori Kuriyama will return from Ojamajo Doremi as a scriptwriter. Also, Yoshihiko Umakoshi will return as the character designer as well as chief animation director. Hiromi Seki has to be credited as a producer and Shoko Nakamura as animation director of the film.


Here are some of the guests that would be seen in the special talk: 

Hiromi Seki(producer)

Junichi Sato and Yu Kamatani( directors)

Midori Kuriyama(writer)

Yoshihiko Umakoshi(character designer and chief animation director)

Ojamajo Doremi

The event will screen the twelfth episode from Ojamajo Doremi Na I sho anime project. Before the discussion of the new film by the guests, two films were also screened at the event. They include Ojamajo Doremi Sharp and Motto! Ojamajo Doremi Kaeru Seki no Himitsu. The free event held at Tokyo’s outdoor Roppongi Hills Arena.

The story revolves around three women namely Mire Yoshizuki, Sora Nagase and Reika Kawatani. Mire has just returned to Japan and is a Tokyo office worker. Sora Nagase is a 22-year-old college student who wishes to be a teacher. And Reika Kawatani is a 20 years old freelancer and Hiroshima Okonomiyaki shop worker. These three women though come from different walks of life, yet they are united by a magic gem. And when they are brought together by chance, a new magical story begins 


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