OKAYADO announces that his ‘12 Beast’ manga has been canceled


OKAYADO, a thirty-seven-year-old Japanese manga creator is best known for the series monster Musume and 12 beast. The manga creator, also known as Takemaru announced on Sunday on his twitter account that his 12 Beast manga has been canceled.



The Japanese shonen manga consisting of seven volumes is a comedy fiction that follows the storyline of a high school going student, Touga who also knows the techniques of a ninja that have been transferred to him through heritage. The boy is a video game geek and has never kissed a girl.


This young boy’s life changes when a girl, Aero enters the storyline of the manga.

12 Beast


First published seven years ago in 2013, this manga has been in running till sixth September 2020. Fujimi Shobo published the series of manga in Japan.

The creator said that there were many reasons for the cancellation of this manga series. He has been taking time to recover his mental health. While he was finalizing the last chapter of his other manga, Monster Musume, when the editor asked him about it he got anxious.

The editor later said that this was not his intention. OKAYADO believes that his other manga series was being treated as if it were already canceled way before he made the announcement. The English translation of the 12 Beast is published by the seven seas entertainment. It has also published Monster Manume.

The creator admitted that it was not ethical on his behalf to leave work in the middle of progress, but due to high anxiety, he was unable to draw. The thirty-seven-year-old Manganka told the sources that when he announced that he is canceling his manga series, 12 Beast to the editor, the editor did not try to suggest that it should go further.

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