On-Gaku Creator’s Zokki Manga Will Be Getting A Live-Action Film

Zokki manga On-Gaku Creator

And pictures inclusive, the production company along with Polygon Magic announced on Wednesday, that is twenty one October that their live-action film adaptation of Zokki manga by Hiroyuki Ohashi is opening during the spring of next year, that is 2021. The film will first be screened in the thirty third Tokyo International film festival from thirty first October to ninth November. It will also screen in the fortieth Taipei golden horse film festival on fifth to twenty two November.


The film is being directed by Naoto Takenaka, Takayuki Yamada and Takumi Saitou who are actors. And the scripts are being written by Yutaka Kuramochi.



The cast of the film has a total of eighteen members. This is also one of the rasons that the film is releasing during late next year, because during this coronavirus pandemic it is indeed difficult to handle such a big cast.

The names of the members are Riho Yoshioka who is a twenty seven year old Japanese actress mainly known for the witness, Fuku Suzuki, Sara Minami, Mai Kiryu, Yunho. Other members are Shinnosuke Mitsushima who is a thirty one year old Japanese actor mainly known for kingdom which released last year, Yurina Yanagi, Masanobu Ando. There are ten other cast also. You can check the other names on Crunchyroll website.


The manga creator, Hiroyuki Ohashi is also an actor, and is known for another famous film series called On-Gaku. This film of one hour duration released last year, in 2019. And this animation drama film revolved around three misfits who decide that they form a band to impress girls. Initial release in Japan was in this year only, in the month of January.

The fans and the readers of Zokki manga are eagerly waiting for the movie and also its trailer or teaser.


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