One Piece Chapter 988 – 989: Release Date And Spoilers Revealed

One Piece Chapter 988 – 989: Though more than 900 chapters are released of One Piece, it still feels fresh. Right? The last One Piece chapter was quite emotional for many readers. Further, readers are expecting the upcoming chapters to be more gripping.


One-piece of chapter 988 will be about the Sccabards Va Kaido dragon. Soon we will get to know about the epic climax of One Piece.  Chapter 988 will be released on 24 August followed by the next chapter after one week on 6 September.


Here are all details about the Release date and time for One Piece chapter 988 and 989. Also, we will look at the spoilers that are surfacing the internet.

Release date of chapter 988

One Piece chapter 988 will release on 24 August 2020, midnight JST. The following are the mentioned times for the release of chapter 988 for international audiences. The chapter will release on 24 August, Monday itself everywhere.

Pacific Time: 9 a.m.

Eastern Time: 12 noon

Central Time: 11 a.m.

British Time: 5 pm

Spoilers of chapter 988

Few spoilers about One Piece chapter 988 are revealed but if you want to know them then only continue reading.

So here comes the first spoiler. There was a tweet by someone in Arabic. It’s about the clash of Sanji with a disaster in chapter 988. No doubt the source is quite reliable as many spoilers are provided in the past year by the same source. 


Also, someone mentioned on Reddit that Disaster may refer to a calamity. Hence it might be about a clash with a commander.

Another spoiler is an image that was leaked one week ago. So we are not quite sure how reliable and accurate that image is.

Release date of Chapter 989

Since chapter 988 is yet to release, we expect that a chapter 989 will release on 7 September 2020. The expectation of this particular release date is in accordance with previous installments.

But we will surely update you all, once the release date of chapter 989 is announced. So make sure to keep a check.

Spoilers of chapter 989:

Right now, no spoilers are available for One Piece chapter 989. Nevertheless, we expect them to be out once Chapter 988 is released.

For more updates about upcoming chapters of One Piece, stay tuned.

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