One Piece Chapter 991 : Release Date,Preview, and much more!

One Piece anime

One Piece Chapter 991: It is a Japanese anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. The story revolves around the adventures and misadventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who mistakenly consumes a Devil Fruit and his body gains the properties of rubber. Along with his pirate’s crew, Luffy begins to hunt for the world’s ultimate treasure called “one piece” with the intentions of being the next pirate king.


Preview of Chapter 990

In the previous chapter, we saw Lola, Chiffon recognizes her father for entering the ship. While Sasaki is independent, he leaves information about Kyoshiro, which is really important. Sasaki assumes Kyoshiro as a betrayer and feels sad about that. The dramatic turn in the events was when the great tree fell and laid off Sasaki. As Minks takes the pirates and they have a fight with Jack, he gets injured very critically.


After Kinemon saw Jack’s condition, he arrives to attack Jack but faces hindrance from Inu and Nekomamushi. Meanwhile, the Queen is upset, seeing Hyogo and Udon imprisoned.


Hawkins reveals the men having a 1% chance of survival and X- Drakes is disappointed with the fact. 30,000 Onigshima civilians are defeated by a massive army of 5,000. Hence, Yamato is not eligible for the star challenge, and his need declines.

One Piece Chapter 991 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 991 is scheduled to release on Sunday, September 27, 2020. This Sunday on September 13, chapter 990 released and now the manga will take a break of one or two weeks time then return back, due to the halt in productions caused by the pandemic. Hence, after chapter 990 fans have to wait for the next chapter for a while.

Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 991

In the One Piece Chapter 991, the fans will see a battle between Luffy the Supernovas Vs The Flying Six.


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