One Piece Chapter 992: Release date, preview, and much more!

One Piece Chapter 992: It is the longest-running, and most loved and enjoyed Manga right now. Many Manga reached 1000 chapters, but no one is so gripping as one piece. School van peace will also be reaching 1,000 chapters, and this Manga is still very much enjoyed by the fans and yet very interesting in every way.


Chapter 992 of one piece will show a lot more new stuff like Kaidou not being a disrespectful monarch as we all thought of him. Kinemon is injuring Kaidou. Luffy is accepting Drake as a partner. In just 20 pages, Eiichiro Oda opened up a lot of new questions and mysteries for fans.


Release date of chapter 992 of one piece

Chapter 992 was supposed to be getting released on October 4, 2020, but due to some health issues of Eiichiro Oda, the next chapter will be releasing on 12th October.

One-piece has been taking frequent breaks, but it is because of the health issues Oda. And let’s hope for the speedy recovery of Oda. One piece is the longest-running manga on earth, and fans are still crazy about it. The creators of the Manga hoping that the excitement that drives the fans will always be there even after these breaks.

One Piece Chapter 992

You can read all the chapters and upcoming chapters on Viz’s Media Shonen Jump site. It is also collected in manga tankōbon volumes.  we prefer you to read it on legal sites and promote the work of the creator.

Previously in Chapter 991

Chapter 991 started where everyone is confused about the break situation, and everybody is trying to understand what is going on. Kaido’s men couldn’t believe Darake just backstabbed them, and Straw Hats weren’t definite with Drake’s sudden alliance. 

Luffy asks Drake why does he want to join them? Drake didn’t tell his reason but said that his purposes align with them. Zoro, Franky, and Jimbei tell Luffy not to trust him until he gives a solid defence. To this, Luffy replied, that no worries; he is our ally. And all of them disagree and shut Luffy.


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