One Piece Episode 940 Release Date Spoilers revealed! Tap To Know

One Piece Episode 940: Zoro is running towards the flower capital, and Toko is trying to stop her. She is telling her to control her self. Hand in flower capital, they are ready to execute Toko’s father, Tonoyasu. Let’s find out more about One Piece episode 940.


At the flower capital, Tonoyasu is handcuffed and followed by two guards. He said that it is going to be a lovely day in the flower capital. Komurasaiki who is at bandit’s mountain and people have gathered around for him and crying because Komurasaiki’s funeral is taking place. Everyone was crying and want to see her one more time.


The Guards said that Komurasaiki would be cremated at the prisoner’s quarters in Rasetsu Town because she rebelled against Orochi.

Release date of episode 940 of one piece

Every Sunday, there is a new episode of one piece, and on this 6 September 2020, we can see episode 940 off one piece. You can watch the episode on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Animelab, and also on Funimation. Time for the episode will feature variety differently according to the region you live in.

One Piece Episode 940

Two arcs, one piece is also added on Netflix. So you can also see Wano arc super soon on Netflix and you can stream it in English audio and Japanese subtitle.

Previously, in episode 939

Toko is about to reach the flower capital where his father is. Tonoyasu wants to apologize to everyone and says that he wants to tell something to Orochi when he gets the capital. And he told him that he is nothing and just a vermin. He was telling him that he only uses the land just to benefit himself and while he was telling everything To Orochi, Hyogoro was crying. Because he was witnessing the last speech of Tonoyasu.

Well, everyone is excited to see will Toko reach his father or not? But we can only wait till Sunday, and we can get to know everything about what will happen in the flower capital?

To know more about one piece, stay tuned.


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