One Piece Episode 944: Release Date, Preview, and much more!

One Piece Episode 944

One Piece Episode 944: The next episode of One Piece will portray the rage of Big Mom. Whosoever comes in her way have to face the uncontrollable rage of Big Mom. Big Mom’s hunger can be satisfied with Red Bean soup only. And we all know that Big Mom turns wild on such occasions especially on Queen and Luffy.


Release Date of One Piece Episode 944:

One Piece Episode 944 is scheduled to release on 4 October 2020.


More about One Piece Episode 944:

Most of us were expecting a fight between Queen and Luffy. However, it seems to be interrupted. Earlier we saw that on the way to Wano Island, Big Mom is injured. As a result, she loses her memory. However, she meets Chopper who leads her to the place where Luffy was kept. And since Big Mom was hungry, Chopper promised her that it is where she will get her Red Bean Soup. Nevertheless, all the soup is devoured by Luffy and others and now Big Mom gets another chance to be mad at Luffy.

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Preview of One Piece episode 944:

Further, we saw that the Queen started a competition named Sumo Inferno. The competition was arranged to punish the bad behaving prisoners at the prison. Also, there is a cuff around Luffy’s neck that will explode if he tends to step out of the ring. Nevertheless, Luffy knows how to disarm the device, on the other hand, Queen is unaware of this fact. No doubt he is about to do that but it seems that the Queen has planned bigger things. 

Meanwhile, Otoko is attacked by Shogun. However, Straw Hat Crew succeed in rescuing Otoko. Unfortunately, Yasui had to die but it seems that it is crucial for the implementation of further plans of Samurai.


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