One Piece Episode 946 : Release Date, Preview and much more!

One Piece Anime

Here, is everything you need to know about One Piece episode 946. ‘A Grudge Over Red Bean Soup, Luffy gets into a desperate situation’.


One Piece Episode 946 Release Date

One Piece Episode 946 will premiere on Sunday, October 18th 2020 at 9:30 AM JST. One Piece anime released every new episode on Sunday each week.


Review of One Piece Episode 945

Big mom gives Queen whack and sent him flying and udon wall gets collapsed. Captain kid and his companion saves themselves from drowning into the water  after the terrifying attack. As he is badly beaten Queen is transformed into normal self. Queen allies is unable to believe that a man having 1.3 billion Berry bounty is smashed with only two hits. Meanwhile, Raizo plans to steal the keys of prison to free Luffy and others. Big mom takes away Queen’s pot and starts celebrating that she has got the red bean soup. She likes the pot but when she goes to eat she finds out that it is empty. Luffy eats it and Big mom gets to know about it. In anger Big mom throws away the pot at Luffy’s face.

One Piece Episode 946

Big mom had planned to share the soup with the citizens from Okobore town because they were very kind to her. Later, she sends luffy and Hyogoro out of the ring and they’re on the verge of dying. Luffy makes use of his power to destroy collar around his neck. Luffy feels joyful that he could break the collars and he asks Hyogoro what he did. Hyogoro stands in front of Big mom and falls Luffy to save him so that true power of him couldn’t unveil. Luffy  follows  Hyogoro and faces big mom and reveals his new power called Ryou.


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