One Piece manga will be completing 1000 chapters by the end of 2020

One Piece 1000 chapters

Chapter 991, for one piece of Manga, is released recently. One piece is one of the most awaited series, and as soon as 1 chapter releases, everyone is eager to see another chapter of it. Everyone is getting confused that whether 1000 chapter of one piece will release this year for the next?


Well, the fans of the Manga are curious about this that 1000 chapter will release in 2020 or 2021. Of course, fans are so excited, so they did all the maths, and since only eight chapters are left to reach 1000, it is possible that we can get chapter 1000 year only.


There is more than enough time to pull the eight chapters this year, but considering the magazine break and personal break, it can take time. For those who do not know, Weekly Shonen Jump takes a few certain holidays at that time; no publishing is done, not at all. Some events compel the publisher to give the chapters early, but holidays like Golden Week provide the company’s employees time off. Such holidays comes during the last week of December, so that means chapter 1000 of one piece would need to go live during the third week of the month.

One Piece Manga
One Piece Manga Anime

According to some predictions on Reddit, the show will end on 11 December 2023 with 1138 episodes. But it’s only the predictions of the fan, and there is no official announcement made by anyone related to the release date of any next chapter.

What creators have to say?

In one of the recent interviews, Eiichiro Oda said that he wants to accomplish chapter thousand in a single part this year. They aim to close chapter 1000 at the close of the season. He continues saying that regardless of the disruption because of the COVID-19, they found that chapter 1000 will release this year.

Well, let’s hope that we can get 1000 episodes this year. To know more about Manga and anime, stay tuned.


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