One Punch Man Season 3: Extended Wait Time Might Disappoint Tap To Know Why

One Punch Man Season 3: A Japanese superhero franchise called One Punch Man started in 2009. It is created by Japanese artist ONE. This action-drama started as a webcomic in early 2009 and it has been a major hit. By July last year, it has surpassed 8 million hits. The manga adaptation of the series by the same name had sold 20 million copies. With this success, an anime adaptation of “One Punch Man” announced in 2015.


One Punch Man Plot

the anime series has been directed by Shingo Natsume. The first season has twelve episodes and aired in December 2015. In the following September, the second season for the series was announced. The series has been loved by all anime fans.


The story revolves around Saitama. Saitama lives on a supercontinent Earth where monsters and villains have been causing a lot of destruction in the cities. To combat this, Agoni, who is a millionaire, creates the Hero Association. This association employs superheroes to defeat evil. Saitama is from City Z. He is a self-trained superhero who has the ability to defeat any enemy with a single punch. However, he is so strong that no one is able to fight with him. This led to him feeling overwhelmingly bored. He eventually joins the Hero Association.

One Punch Man Season 3

There, he meets other heroes. As monsters begin to appear more and cause havoc, they have fought against them. The Hero Association stands against the Monster Association. The Monsters keep giving the heroes a hard time. They destroy so many cities, including the one that Saitama lives in. He faces betrayal from his mentee, Garo. Garo was a fighter, previously a part of the Hero Association but then he changed his alliances and joins the Monster Association. In combat, Saitama defeats him but spares his life.

One Punch Man Season 3

The fans were quite invested in the series in the two seasons. They are eagerly waiting for the third season to come but so far, the release date has only been postponing. The extended wait time has left the fans disappointed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and several filming restrictions, the fans have no option but to wait.


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