Overlord Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Much More You Should Know

Overlord is a Japanese novel based anime. Kugune Maryama is the novelist. The story is about a small kid who enters into a virtual world of gaming.
First season was released on July 7, 2015. It already covered 1-3 volumes of the novel. Second season was released on January 9, 2018. It covered 4-6 volumes of the novel. The third season came up on July 10, 2018. Its hidden topic was ‘Ravenousness by Myth and Roid and finishing subject quiets ‘Separation’ by Oxt. It was based on 7-9 volumes of the novel. The series gained a lot of momentum and popularity with it’s all three seasons. Therefore, now Overlord Season 4 is in talks and here is everything you need to know about it.


Overlord Season 4- Release date: 

Though, the Overlord Season4 was expected to return by June 2020 but it couldn’t have been possible. Because of Coronavirus pandemic the production and everything has to come to an hault. No official announcements has been made till now regarding Overlord Season 4. Now, all the arrangements of production of Overlord Season 4 has shifted to 2021. Let’s hope for the best and wish Overlord Season4 to come soon.


Overlord Season 4

Overlord Season 4- Plot: 

Though, there hasn’t been any official announcements regarding the story line of Overlord Season4. But just to make a obvious guess the Season 3 already covered 7-9 volumes of the novel. So, it’s pretty obvious that Overlord Season 3 will cover the rest of the volumes of the novel. We can expect to see the defeat of Frost dragons. Also, Albedo might finally open up about her feelings for her master and come out in open regarding the same. We may also come to see an extremely powerful version of Ainz. We will keep you updated on any more information that comes in regarding the storyline.

Overlord Season 4- Cast: 

The old cast is expected to return which includes Yumi Hara, Manami Numakura, Masayuki Katou, Asami Seto, Satoshi Hino, Sumire Uesaka, Shigeru Chiba, Mamoru Miyano, and Mikako Komatsu. There have been no official updates on the new cast. As soon as we get that we will get back to you.

This is everything you need to know about Overlord Season 4. Stay tuned till we fetch in more information for you regarding the same.


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