Pacific Rim will soon be getting an anime from Polygon Pictures and Netflix, know more!

Pacific Rim ANime

On Tuesday, that is on twenty seven October, the official Netflix Anime Festival of this year, that is 2020 held in Tokyo the company gave the fans a complete understanding of how hard they are moving and changing into the anime space, with first looks at a number of announced shows and new titles for five new planned anime have been released. Among those titles the splashiest were one those driven by IP: and in the next year, that is 2021 Netflix is even planning to bring new installments of Pacific Rim and Resident Evil to life by animating them.



Along with the title of the movies and series which are being transformed by animating them, their visuals and descriptions were also disclosed on the official site of Polygon. The titles of the five anime series which will be streaming on Netflix which is one of the biggest digital platforms to watch movies and series in various languages and from various genres are:

  • Resident Evil: infinite darkness- This is also known as the golden standard of horror survival games and has been shipped worldwide. A groundwork has been created for a new series in full 3DCG animation.
  • Pacific Rim: the black- Kaiju started to rise from the pacific rim in a time and his aim was to encounter gigantic robots, Jaegers. After time passes Australia has been overrun by him and this has forced evacuation of the whole continent.

Pacific Rim

  • Rilakkuma’s theme park adventure, the release year of this is yet to be announced. This series depicts the day where a lot of active events take place as Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kaoru and Kiiroitori go play in an amusement park which is soon getting closed.

Two other anime titles have also been revealed but there dates have not been revealed yet, but they will soon be released.


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