Phantom Of The Idol Episode 3 Release Date, Plot, Everything You Need To Know!

Phantom of the Idol episode 3 Release Date

Phantom of the Idol episode 3 Release Date: Its manga was composed and distributed on December 28, 2017, in Japanese magazines and overall later on. The manga as of now has been adjusted into five volumes and is presented this year as an anime as well. An anime variation was reported on November 26, 2021, and the principal episode debuted on July 2, 2022.


The Phantom of the Idol is a parody Japanese anime TV series that is getting well known rapidly. Just two episodes that have circulated so far have killed individuals chuckling, including me. If you are likewise an Idol fan, you will adore this series.


Phantom of the Idol episode 3 Release Date

The Phantom of the Idol plot

Yuya Niyodo is an Idol who joined the business to bring in simple cash from his looks and appearance alone. Disregarding the sensations of his fans, he generally puts forth a negligible measure of attempt in his exhibitions. Essentially, he doesn’t revere being an Idol, it is only a task for him as a wellspring of cash. Advised by his director to invest some additional energy into his exhibitions, he was ready to leave being an Idol to save his additional endeavors.

However, when he was going to stop, he saw a young lady sitting right close to him. The young lady was conversing with herself about how energizing being an Idol was. The young lady was Asahi Mogami, a 17-year-old Idol who passed on in a mishap last year. Yuya had the option to see a phantom who needs to be Idol even after her demise.

Phantom of the Idol Season 1 Episode 3 delivery date

The third episode of Phantom of the Idol is reported to be delivered on July 16, 2022. The long anticipate now concludes, you can appreciate watching the third episode soon enough.

Phantom of the Idol, what occurred till now?

Yuya and Kazuki, otherwise called the kid pop pair ZINGS, are acting in a live show. The crowd is overexcited seeing Yuya’s exhibition and energy. Simply joking, what happened was the direct inverse, the exhibition was essentially as dull as a dumbo. Yuya even causes the crowd to sing the lines that he failed to remember in his melody, LOL!

Yuya would have been toppled sometime in the past on the off chance that Kazuki wasn’t apprehensive about performing solo. Their banners and different items are left unsold like clockwork. Exactly when Yuya was going to leave his vocation, he met the Phantom of Asahi Mogami. He is thick to such an extent that he didn’t jump even after seeing a moving phantom and expressed out loud whatever do I give it a second thought!

Phantom of the Idol episode 3 Release Date

After he came to the information on Asahi, a 17-year-old Idol who passed on in a mishap last year, a clever thought went over his psyche. He offered his body to Asahi to do shows for himself and appreciate them without limit, which additionally save some work for our apathetic kid. It just took one show to make every one of the fans crazy seeing our miserable Yuya going the additional mile for his fans. The deal soar, and fans were stunned to death. What occurred next Watch the third episode to find out!

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