Pickles The Frog Anime Coming Up, What We Know So Far!

Pickles The Frog Anime: Have you seen the toys of Pickles The Frog? They are sold by many websites. The good news is that much new Anime series are on their way and Pickles The Frog accounts to be one such. Well, the announcement is done by Nakajima Corporation. Here are all details about the upcoming Pickles The Frog Anime. So, here is all the information about the release date, cast, and trailer of the anime.


The Anime series is directed by Yukinobu Asai. Further, Natsuko Echizen is the character designer and animator of the anime. Also, Machida Doko and  Hirumachi Chikako have written the screenplay.


The production of the anime is done by Anime Kaeruno Pickles Production Committee (Nakajima Corporation)along with Sunny Garden as the production company.

Release date

The announcement for the release of the Anime Adaption was done in June last year. The title of Anime is Pickles, the frog: The color of feeling and is better known by Kaeru no Pickles Kimochi no Iro. Moreover, The Anime is scheduled to release on 4 October this year. Anime would comprise short videos with each episode of 2 minutes duration. Not only children will enjoy the Anime but people of all age groups can enjoy the cartoon.


There are 50 voicing artists that are part of the Anime. Some are as follows: Hiroko Moriguchi, Megumi Okina, Miku Kanemura, Naoto Kine, Akari Nibu, Saori Hayami, Shoko Ikeda, Subaru Kimura, Jun Kaname, Hiroki Nanami, Megumi Hayashibara, and many more characters are there.


The trailer of the Anime is out. You can also listen to the theme song Hopping On composed by Naoto o Kine and sung by Naoto Kine. Further, the theme song is given by Mitsuko Komuro.

For more updates check out the official website of Pickles the frog anime.


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