Pokemon 2019 Episode 36 Release Date, Preview, And Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon 2019 Episode 36: Pokemon has been a big part of life in almost every person’s life who had grown up watching it together. With several episodes, movie release, and spin-off series we now have a 23rd season of the very loved Pokemon anime series called Pocket Monsters in the regions of Japan and Pokemon Journey: The series in the rest countries. It first aired on November 17, 2019, in Tokyo, Japan, and later on premiered in Netflix on June 12, 2020. It gained huge popularity among the viewers.


The storyline follows the great fun adventures of Ash Ketchum along with a brand new hero Goh who is a new character in the series and they together walk around eight Pokemon franchise regions.


On the account of the prevailing pandemic, the production has been stopped but then from June 2020, new episodes production has started again. The same time when the production had stopped due to Covid-19, Netflix on April 23rd got the U.S rights to show the episodes as Pokemon Journey with 12 episodes till now.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 36: When It Will Release?

The Pokemon next episode 36 is going to be released on September 6, 2020, on Sunday around 6:00 PM

Pokemon 2019 Episode 36

Pokemon 2019 Episode 36: Recap And Spoilers

In the last episode, we saw Goh unrevealing the monster ball so that he could catch Pikachu but got failed eventually, meanwhile Santoshi witnessed another pokemon which was again tried by Goh for trapping with the help of a curveball but the ball was kicked in return towards his face. The Pikachu group started laughing on Goh

After laughing for a while, Pikachu went closer to Go while offering him to take fruits, and then all the group of Pikachu came closer to both of them Goh And Santoshi, and shared them fruits. while having fruits, Goh suddenly noticed that the Pikachus got a different tail

He later finds out about it and got to know that this Pokemon is Pikachu mouse electric type who holds a small electric pouch consisting electric charges which he loses whenever someone threatened it, both the male and female had a different kind of tails

Later they get an idea of catching up female Pikachu whose details have been recorded and later on the Pikachu was released again by them. Meanwhile, we see that the meow group went on to abduct Pikachu but get defeated again.


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