Pokemon 2019 Episode 39: Release Date, Preview, and much more!

Pokemon 2019 Episode 39: Pokemon series is most immensely loved by viewers all around the world. The series has a huge fan base which is why we have Pokemon 2019 airing currently on the television screens for the fans to have daily doses of the cute Pikachu and the face-offs between their favorite characters from the show. If you are looking for information about the upcoming episode of the Pokemon 2019 series, then you’re at the right place. Read the article below to know everything about the Pokemon 2019 Episode 39.

When will the Pokemon 2019 Episode 39 release?

Since the latest episode of the show releases every week on Sunday. Episode 39 of Pokemon 2019 will air on 27th September 2020, Sunday at 6:00 pm according to the Japan Standard Time zone.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 39

What happened in Pokemon 2019 Episode 38?

The episode opened with Meow along with his group digging the stone in order to find a new pokemon. Meanwhile, Satoshi is in a conversation with the guy who introduces himself as the president of the Muesuem of Science. The president informs Satoshi about the new pokemon named Anopth. Anopth had the power of extending his claws to catch the hidden preys from the rocks of the seafloor. Musahi, Sakaki as well Meow were listening discreetly to what the President was explaining about the fossil pokemon. Listening to which, three of them decided of stealing the fossil pokemon. Satoshi uses Pikachu’s power of breaking open the rock while Goo asks Golugu to help him break rock so that they can find new pokemon. After searching for a long time, Goo finds something shiny in appearance. President tells that the things is Amber, the tree resin that turned into stone. They wait for the amber to hatch however Meow with his group steal the Amber. Eventually, they fail in their motive and rather decide to steal Pikachu instead. Satoshi rescues Pikachu with the help of electro web fired by Pikachu.

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