Pokemon: The 10 Best Water Types Pokemon with the Highest Catch Rate!

Pokemon: We have seen that the water-type Pokemon appears quite frequently in the competitive scene. They generally play defensive or supportive roles.


In this article, we have listed the top 10 Pokemon with their catching rates.


10/10: Chewtle

It is quite easy to catch Chewtle. He has a Catch Rate of 255. It is not a strong Pokémon but the evolution of Chewtle into Drednaw is a literal monster. Drednaw has a decent Attack stat.


9/10: Corphish

Corphish is a cute lobster with a catch rate of 205. Crawdaunt, the evolution of Corphish is a strong wall-breaker.


8/10: Marill

Marill is considered to be the first “Pikachu Clone” Pokémon. He has a catch rate of 190.


7/10: Wingull

Wingull has a Catch Rate of 190. This is a defensive Water-type Pokémon. Well, it is not that strong or cool-looking.

6/10: Slowpoke

Slowpoke has a goofy look with a relaxed personality. Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro and Slowking which is quite tough to deal with.

5/10: Krabby

Krabby has a catch rate of 255. He is capable of doing an incredible amount of damage because of his high attack stats.


4/10: Mareanie

The evolution of Mareamie is one of the most powerful Water-type Pokémon that has been designed until now.

3/10: Shellder

Shellder is a defensive water-type Pokémon. He has a catch rate of 190. He can be used as a trap setter/remover or to defeat Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon.

2/10: Staryu

Staryu is a cute Water-type Pokémon. He has a Catch Rate of 225. He has high speed with a decent Special Attack stats.

1/10: Magikarp

He is considered to be the most famous underdog of all the Pokémon. He has a Catch Rate of 255. This signifies that it is probably the fastest to catch than to defeat in a battle.

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