Precure Miracle Leap Film announces release date after COVID -19 delays

On the official youtube channel of Precure, the live stream was there. And that revealed about the confirmation of Eiga Precure Miracle Leap: Minna to no Fushigina Ichinichi to release on 16th May 2020. But later on because of the pandemic the anime pushed to October. And now finally it will be going to release.


Release date

After so much delay and such breaks, the anime is all set to make a release on 31st October 2020. Initially, it was going to release in May 2020.


The official website of anime has revealed on Tuesday that in total 14 theatres will going to screen the anime in Japan. And many films are screening in the midnight session this year because of the pandemic. And some movies like Mugen Train has also suffered late-night screening. This is happening all because of the pandemic.


The plot revolves around a mysterious day and the Hugtto and Twinkle Precure go on a trip to Sukoyaka City. The Precure girls must protect the “spirit of tomorrow” Miraclun from the “spirit of yesterday” Refrain, who seeks to prevent the world from ever experiencing tomorrow. The 3 trainees of medical are healing animals, garden princesses, and Latte. They have the power to avert the threat. The three girls that they have met are Hinata, Chiyu, and Madoka. They stand up to the Byogens to protect all life on Earth. And also they heal the garden with their powers.

Precure Miracle Leap
Precure Miracle Leap

Staff Members

  • Director- Yoko Ikeda
  • Script Supervisor- Junko Komura
  • Character Designer- Naoka Yamaoka
  • Art designer- Nagisa Nishida
  • Music Composer- Shiho Terada
  • Color Key artist- Kiyomi Sakari
  • Ending theme song performer- Kanako Miyamoto


A new trailer has released by the makers of the anime. And the trailer reveals the release date which will be after the pandemic. The date on which the anime will release is 31st October 2020.


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