Re:Zero Season 2 becomes the most watched series on Netflix Japan

Re Zero Season 2

The anime TV  Re:Zero Season 2 is currently the most-watched series on Netflix in Japan.


Let’s see how it became the most-watched series-


About Re:Zero Series

The Re:Zero series is a Japanese light novel series which is written by Tappei Nagatsuki.

It was initially serialized on a website named Shosetsuko ni Naro from 2012 onwards.

Publishing of seventeen successful volumes has been done since 24th January 2014 under the MF Bunko imprint.

The series was officially run on 4th April 2016 to present with 25 episodes in the first season.


The plot revolves around Subbaru Natsuki, who does nothing but play games all the time.

After visiting a convenience store, he is suddenly sent and summoned to another world. There is no sign of who had summoned him but soon after that, he befriends a half-elf silver-haired girl named Satella. She also has a companion whose name is Puck.

After this incident, Natsuki’s whole life takes a turn.


The first season was full of surprises and it hooks one up with the thrills and adventures. The first season was launched on 27th June 2018.

Fans are eagerly waiting for it’s next season to stream on Netflix soon, however, the second season had already released and topped in Japan.

Season 2

Re:Zero season 2 is the brutal story that will definitely be worth watching and surely be worth the wait because it is proven from the popularity this season has gained in Japan.

Netflix Japan

Characters of season 2

Along with the previous characters, we can expect to see some new characters in season 2.

SEASON 2 in Japan

Re:Zero Season 2 is streaming on Netflix in Japan currently. It has been officially confirmed that these series have received the most-watched title on Netflix Japan. The official Netflix Japan Anime Twitter account had celebrated this news with a screenshot of Subaru and number 1 at the side. Truly, Japan has a great taste in anime, or maybe they just like watching Subaru suffering.

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the second season for this series from around the world and the wait is soon come to an end.

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