Saitama’s Anitama-sai Event will be held online for 2020

Saitama’s Anitama-sai Event 2020

Saitama’s Anitama-sai Event– In this pandemic we all have addressed several events to go online rather than  planning it it in a physical way. Like the other famous events, one more event has been add on to the online event list which is Saitama’s Anitama-sai event. Read about more about this event below.


Saitama’s Anitama-sai: Details For The Event.

The annual eighth event celebration of manga and anime will be done through the YouTube as well as the Zoom platform which was announced earlier in one of its 2020 attractions.


Saitama’s Anitama-sai: When The Event Will Held?

This biggest event for the anime and manga will be held digitally on 18th October, 2020 on Sunday

Saitama’s Anitama-sai: What Will Be The New Format For The Event?

The new format will have the format of no audience and a virtual talk with the members of Roselia, and the popular gothic rock group of BanG Dream!

We are also looking forward to have an appearance of Aina Aiba (Yukina Minato), Meg Sakuragawa (Ako Udagawa) and Haruka Kudou (Sayo Hikawa).

Saitama's Anitama-sai

Saitama’s Anitama-sai: More Details About TheEvent

The interested people can easily participate in the event via online mode. There will also be a digital version of their Anime Holy Land Summit where several manga and anime series were described by creators.

Saitama’s Anitama-sai: Event Cost Details?

Though one can view the event for free. But It is not sure that the event, would charge money or not, as for now these details has not been mentioned yet on the official website.

About Anitama-sai

Anitama-Sai is the biggest event which is held annually by the Saitama Prefecture The goal for the event is of spreading the knowledge of the famous areas and spots which has been showed in anime and are based on the real locations of Japan. The main wish of Saitama by organizing these events is to be known by the title of “mecca of Anime” and also to encourage the industry as well as the tourism by the utilization of the manga and anime series.


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