Saiyuki manga to get a new musical titled Saiyuki Kageki-den-Sunrise in February 2021

Saiyuki Musicals which was based on the manga Saiyuki made by Kazuya Minekura is again returning back with its 9th show known as Saiyuki Kageki-den -Sunrise, Know more about this below.


Saiyuki Kageki-den -Sunrise: When The Musical Will Be Performed?

It will be performed next year in February 2021 in the Tokyo at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball and in Osaka at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall.


Saiyuki Kageki-den -Sunrise

Saiyuki Kageki-den -Sunrise: Who Will Be In The Cast?

The Cast for the stage musical will include the following notable persons like

  • Hiroki Suzuki will be seen as Genjō Sanzō
  • Taizō Shiina will be seen as Son Gokū
  • Yūki Hirai  will be seen as Sha Gojō
  • Yūki Fujiwara  will be seen as Cho Hakkai
  • Kōhei Norizuki  will be seen as Hazel Grouse
  • Yoshihiko Narimatsu will be seen as Gato
  • Ujisuke will be seen as Bishop Filbert Grouse
  • Shun Mikami will be seen as Kōmyō Sanzō
  • Mitsuru Karahashi will be seen as Ukoku Sanzō

Saiyuki Kageki-den -Sunrise: Other Details.

Kaori Miura will be handling the scriptwriting as well as the directing of the Saiyuki Kageki-den -Sunrise musical, Along with the assistance of Sayaka Asai who will be handling the music composition. This 9th Musical show will be the addressed as the final part for the Hazel Arc series

More Details About The Saiyuki Musical

The Saiyuki Musical has started the journey with their Saiyuki Kageki-den ~Go to the West~ Musical in the year 2008 in September month following the another Musical as The Saiyuki Kageki-den -Dead or Alive In the year 2009, In 2014, another Musical Saiyuki Kageki-den -God Child had been released also a reload Musical had been also done by the group in September 2015. In the year 2019, another phenomenal Musical, The Saiyuki Kageki-den -Darkness had been released.

Throughout its 10 year journey, it had garnered lots of love from the fans and looking forward to collect more with its upcoming 9th show.


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