Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date: Will It Be Announced Or Not?

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date: Animation based on the love story Sasaki and Miyano manga series by Shou Harusono. Today’s topic will be the release date for Sasaki and Miyano Season 2. Will it last longer? Because of its charming plot and “calming yet burning curiosity in you regarding the relation of the two major leads,” season one was a favorite of almost everyone. The second season has been eagerly anticipated by the audience. Let’s see if any of their prayers were heard and were of assistance.


The protagonist of this show is Miyano, a reclusive adolescent who is astonished when his senior, Shuumei Sasaki, defends a classmate from bullies. The two start joking around with one another after their surprise encounter as they get to know one another. Miyano tries to hide his love for male love manga, but Sasaki accidentally finds out about it. He is taken aback by his fascination and chooses to check out a few books to learn more about what makes them so special.


As they get closer because of their growing interest in male love manga, the friendships between the two pals shift. The anime drew in a huge global audience thanks to their passionate and painful conversations. This reminds you of the brand-new Netflix series Heartstopper, doesn’t it? It seems to me to do so.

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date
Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date

Sasaki And Miyano Season 1 Recap

Miyano, a freshman in an all-boys high school, witnesses the violent assault of another student. Sasaki, a second-year student, steps in just as he is about to act to end the argument. A few days later, Miyano stops by the classroom of Sasaki’s classmate Hirano. A fellow member of the disciplinary committee is Hirano. Sasaki is told by Hirano to stop bothering Miyano and accused of doing so, but Miyano thanks him for breaking up the altercation.

Sasaki got even with the bullies once they quit beating him up. After that, Sasaki offers Miyano a bandage while half-jokingly asking him out on a date. In the following months, the two boys become friends as they commute to school together. Miyano expresses his love for the yaoi subgenre when Sasaki asks for manga recommendations. He routinely gives Sasaki copies of his favorite manga as a result, and the two of them talk about it in secret at school. Sasaki begins to feel affection for Miyano.

Miyano feels humiliated when Sasaki asks her permission to discuss yaoi comics in class. In private, Sasaki struggles with his escalating feelings for Miyano. Miyano strongly denies it when Tashiro, a classmate, notes how closely they are connected and asks whether they are dating. Kurosawa, the student who was being beaten, supports their manga arrangement despite Sasaki’s reputation as a troublemaker.

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date

Miyano worries that Sasaki is being bullied because of his hobby as a result of the incident. After noticing Valentine’s Day display, Sasaki suggests that he and Miyano buy candy for each other on their walk home from school, but the latter declines. Sasaki nevertheless buys him, sweets. Miyano begins to question whether Sasaki truly has platonic feelings for him. When a senior questions Sasaki about his love of yaoi comics, the student doesn’t seem embarrassed. On White Day, Sasaki gets candy from Miyano, which makes Sasaki furious and run away.

Miyano bumps into Ogasawara, the student who had questioned Sasaki about yaoi because his girlfriend was a fan, as the school year concludes. Later on that day, Sasaki and Miyano ride the train back together. As Miyano rests his head on his shoulder and appears to be nodding off, Sasaki adds, “I like you.” By this, Miyano is jolted out of sleep. As the new academic year begins, Miyano keeps asking himself what Sasaki means to him and whether he feels anything for him. A spectator accidentally bumps Miyano into Sasaki in the corridor, making the latter become noticeably disturbed by their proximity.

Miyano asserts at home that he cannot be attracted to Sasaki because he had a crush on a female in junior high. Miyano tries to offer advice while keeping an ear out for Ogasawara’s phone quarrel with his fiancée Emi. Ogasawara reaches out to pat Miyano on the head, but Sasaki, who is walking by, grabs him by the back before realizing that it is Ogasawara who is speaking. The incident makes Miyano question his attraction to men, and he muses over whether Sasaki feels the same way.

As summertime draws near, the high school hosts a sports festival. While alone with him, Sasaki confesses his romantic feelings for Miyano, but he also adds that he is under no need to reply immediately away. However, when Miyano inquires as to what it is that he likes about him, Sasaki panics and answers, “Your face.” When Miyano is left alone, he fights to control his conflicting feelings for Sasaki and briefly loses consciousness. Hirano begs Sasaki to watch over Miyano while he goes to see a teacher after he passes out during a committee meeting. When Miyano first wakes up, he is startled to see Sasaki. Hirano observes their awkward interaction after Miyano has departed, and Sasaki tells him about his confession.

On Hirano’s phone, he calls Miyano and tells him that he is more than simply his outward appearance before hanging up. As Hirano and Sasaki have a more in-depth discussion, Miyano is happy that Sasaki loves him for reasons more than just his appearance, something he felt insecure about in middle school. Sasaki and Miyano continue to hang out together as friends after his admission. Given their tumultuous relationship and the impending arrival of midterm examinations, Miyano mulls over how best to celebrate Sasaki’s upcoming birthday.

He offers the youngster the lollipops Tashiro had given when that day comes. As they walk together to school, they become aware that a year has passed since they first met. On the day of the final exam, Sasaki and Miyano walk down the street holding an umbrella. When Miyano directly asks Sasaki if he is gay, Sasaki replies that he had never been attracted to other men before meeting him. Miyano admits that he has never considered guys and that he is still unsure of his feelings in this regard. He also suggests that Sasaki’s emotions might change as he gets older.

However, Sasaki asserts that his love for Miyano is unshakeable and expresses his joy that the latter is seriously considering his announcement. They decide to continue their friendship until Miyano has an answer for him. The high school is preparing for its next cultural event. He reluctantly accepts Miyano’s class’ nomination to represent them in the cross-dressing competition on the condition that Kurosawa would represent him and that his clothing wouldn’t be overly feminine.

While out with Sasaki shopping, Miyano bumps into Makimota, the middle school girl he had a crush on. Despite their friendly conversation, Sasaki takes him away out of envy. Although he formerly had a crush on her, Miyano informs him that he is no longer in love with her. Sasaki replies that he is sorry for pushing him away and says he didn’t want to be rude. Sasaki worries that Miyano might be crushing on someone else while she is at work. He also bumps into Kurosawa, who informs him that he would be passing by to meet his girlfriend, who is currently in the hospital.
Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date

He formally thanks Sasaki for sticking up for him months earlier and admits that he was the one who instigated the fight that day. Sasaki and Miyano met later that day while traveling to school in the same vehicle. When they are in school, Sasaki continues to make fun of Miyano’s crush on him and make advances on him. Chairman Hanzawa helps Miyano get ready for his role in the upcoming tournament by fitting him in a traditional outfit. When Miyano asks Hanzawa what he thinks it means to have affection for someone, Hanzawa responds that the biggest evidence of love is to be constantly thinking of someone.

Sasaki asks Miyano, who is dressed as himself if he wants to take part in the tournament, but Miyano is unwilling to pull out after all the work everyone else put into it. Sasaki almost kisses him but decides to hold him instead as she is overcome with emotion. Miyano accepts the depth of his affection for Sasaki. Miyano finds it challenging to describe Sasaki’s desire in detail. Kurosawa observes his difficulties and invites him to go with him to the bookstore.

Sasaki and Miyano wind up spending time together at the cultural festival after Miyano later lets Sasaki know that he has decided to continue the drag competition. Sasaki approaches the nurse’s office because she feels cold in the middle of class but finds that she is not there. Outside, he encounters Miyano, who is seeking medical attention for a minor burn he received during his home economics session. Sasaki is fascinated to see Miyano assume control of taking care of him as they enter. Sasaki queries Miyano as to why he would consent to accompany him home. Sasaki is not pleased when Miyano says that his motivation is duty.

On the day of the cultural festival, Sasaki and Hirano’s class is hosting a cosplay café for young offenders when Miyano and Kurosawa drop by. At the café, Hanzawa is giving fortunes when Miyano meets with him. In response to his plea for advice, Hanzawa advises him to continue despite any doubts so that he might feel more certain of his desires. In Sasaki’s absence, the drag competition is held, and Miyano is named the winner and runner-up. As the event comes to an end, the two kids watch the fireworks from the school.

Because he is ashamed of his apparent affection for Sasaki and does not want to take the possibility of hurting him, Miyano asks for more time to answer Sasaki. While attempting to mask his agitation and frustration, Sasaki nods. Later, Miyano encounters Sasaki, his older sister, and Ogasawara when they are shopping at the mall. When Ogasawara asks Miyano what he thinks about Sasaki, Miyano apologises and says, “I admire him.” Sasaki enters and changes the subject before Ogasawara can press the issue any further.

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2 Release Date

On November 20, 2020, the anime version made its official debut. It took just over a year to prepare and release. Remember that the year the worldwide coronavirus initially surfaced was a turbulent one for the anime industry. The next episode will probably run even sooner given that the show was developed despite several obstacles. If the sitcom’s production timeline is regular, the second season of Sasaki and Miyano should air around the middle of 2023.

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