Scissor Seven : What Is Known About Season 3?

Scissor Seven:(also known as Killer 7 in China) It is a Chinese animated series. It is directed by He Xiaofen. Netflix released it under the name Scissor Seven. The genre of the series includes comedy, a slice of life, and Wuxia(superhuman feats of martial arts).


The series revolves around the main protagonist of Scissor Seven. He belongs to Chicken island. He suffers from amnesia and aims to retrieve his memory with a medical operation. He becomes an assassin and charges a nominal fee because he is a hairdresser and nowhere near the best and that’s where the series picks humor.


Scissor Seven premiered its first season in January 2020 and season two got premiered on Netflix in April 2020. Since then fans of the anime series are eagerly waiting for the third season to premiere. However, there has been no official announcement made by Netflix for the renewal of Season 3.

Scissor Seven Season 3 Release Date 

The comedy anime series fans are excited and keen to know the release date of Scissor Seven Season 3, as they really enjoyed watching its earlier two seasons which were super hit.
We have the knowledge that there was only five months gap between the first and second season so we’re expecting the third season to premiere by the end of 2020.

However, considering the ongoing pandemic, the release of the third season may get delayed to the year 2021.


The plot of Scissor Seven 3

Scissor Seven anime is full is suspense thriller and comedy. With the ending of the two previous seasons, we can make a good guess of the storyline for season 3.

The story moves forwards as Seven reveals that he will kill the chief of the killer league and will leave the island with Thirteen.

When the top killers get to know about this, they try to take him out and create hurdles in his way which ultimately leads to epic battles.

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