Season 2 of Border manga launched by Kazuma Kodaka

Kazuma Kodaka, the creator of Border Kei manga, launched season 2. Here are all details about season 2 of Border boys love manga. 


Kazuma Kodaka launched Season 2 of Border manga

Kazuma Kodaka is the creator of Border Kei manga. The second season of Border boys loves manga was launched on September 19 by the creator. The manga was launched on the Comic Cmoa web manga site. The previous five volumes of the original Border manga were published by Digital Manga Publishing. Following is the description of the story by Digital Manga Publishing.


Description of the story by Digital Manga Publishing:

Yamato is a man with a darkly dramatic past. Perhaps it is no surprise that he now runs his own detective agency. With a staff of three misfits that are practically family to him, he does whatever it takes to get the job done. Unconventional cases can mean unconventional solutions, but Yamato is not one to shy away, except when his heart is concerned.

Season 2 of Border

Kodaka launched the manga in 2007 in Meditation’s Hug magazine:

In 2007, the manga was launched by Kodaka in Meditation’s Hug magazine. Further in December 2016, the seventh compiled book volume of the manga was released by Kosaido Publishing. And then in January 2017, the fifth volume was released by Digital Manga Publishing. In addition, Kodako’s Bad Teacher’s Equation manga was also published by Digital Manga in English.

In 1994 and 2001, Bonds of Love manga was adapted into two original video anime(OVA).

Besides, Kodaka’s Bad Teacher’s Equation, the other manga Ki*Me*Ra also inspired OVA adaptations. Kodaka’s Kizuna- Bonds of Love manga was adapted into two OVAs. The two original video anime was released in 1994 and 2001.

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