Season 2 of WIT Studio’s Great Pretender Anime Will be streamed on Netflix Outside Japan on November 25

On Wednesday Netflix announced about streaming of Wit Studio’s original series- Great Pretender Season 2. It will be released on 25th November 2020. And in total it has episodes from 15 to 23. It will be known as Case 4 of the anime.


What else to know about the series?

The title of Case 4 of the series is Wizard of the Far East. It took place in Tokyo and Shanghai. The story is about Suzaku Association. It is a group that deals with child trafficking and the past of Laurent.


So the Case 1 premiered in Japan on Netflix on 2nd June with English subtitles. It has first 5 episodes. After which Case 2 premiered on 9th June with episodes from 6 to 10. Case 3 premiered on 16th June with episodes 11- 14. And Case 4 on 21st September with episodes from 15 to 23. Netflix is streaming the anime in Japan ahead of the world.

On 20th August Netflix started anime’s streaming outside of Japan. And on 8th July anime premiered on Fuji TVs plus Ultra programming block. It ended after two years with a total of 23 episodes.

Great Pretender Season 2
Great Pretender Season 2

Staff members

  • Hiro Kaburagi- Director at the Wit Studio.
  • Yoshiyuki Sadamoto- Character designer
  • Ryota Kosawa- Scriptwriter
  • Yutaka Yamada- Music composer
  • Maiko Okada- Producer

Opening theme song

The opening theme song G.P. It is one of the best covers of The late queen singer Freddie Mercury of The Platters song. And this anime will be the first one to feature Mercury as its theme in Japan.

Credit fraud and happy are the themes of the show and widely famous among everyone.

Description of Anime

Makoto Edamura is supposedly Japan’s greatest swindler. Together with his partner Kudo, they try to trick a Frenchman in Asakusa but unexpectedly get tricked instead. Edamura is yet to find out what fate awaits him, after having engaged in the Frenchman’s dirty jobs.


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