Shadowverse Episode 22 Release Date And Everything A Fan Should Know


Shadowverse Episode 22: No doubt, Shadowverse adds new sets every three months. When The game was launched then the set of Basic cards were automatically added to new accounts or earned through the story mode. In addition, It included the Standard set known as Classic obtained from card packs. Not only this but there are also a number of promotional cards that have also been released.


In this post, we would be talking about Shadowverse Episode 22 release date, preview, and a summary. If you don’t want to miss any updates or episodes of this Anime then You can use the weekly release schedule of Shadowverse. Likewise, you will get new updates and episodes as soon as they are released. 


Release date of Shadowverse episode 22:

Shadowverse is scheduled to release on 8 September 2020, that is Tuesday. It will release at 5:55 PM JST. Also, we know that every Tuesday we get a new episode of this Anime. Further on the article, you can Watch out the summary and preview of Shadowverse.

Shadowverse Episode 22

Summary of Shadowverse: 

The cards being the cosmetic replacement for existing cards are obtained through different methods. Surely, they don’t seem to have a unique gameplay function.

Further, One card set will be released only once in every 3 months. In addition, a new class was added to the game since the Chondrogenesis expansion arrived. Similarly, Portalcraft with 42 Portalcraft cards included in the Chronogenesis expansion.

Also, Portalcraft cards are added to each expansion at the same rate as that of one of the original classes. Further, Cygames release additional mini-expansions in between each normal expansion release.

And these mini-expansions actually contain a new gold card for all eight classes. Also, there’s a new legendary card for all classes with the exception of Neutral. You can also craft mini-expansion cards with vials. For more information and details about Shadowverse stay tuned with us 

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