Shadowverse Episode 27 Release Date, Preview, and all that you need to know!

Shadowverse Episode 27: It is a Japanese anime series that is currently going on. Shadowverse is originally a digital card video game. The game was developed by Cygames and published in Japan. It was released in 2016. And it is one of the most popular card game in Japan.

Later, Zexcs adapted the game into a television anime which premiered on April 7, 2020. Shadowverse received a worldwide amazing response and fans loved the series. Here is everything about the new episode and what happened in the previous one.

Release Date of Episode 27

Episode 27 of Shadowverse is all set to make a release on 20th October 2020 i.e. Tuesday at 5:55 PM JST (Japan time zone). The episode will be released on Crunchyroll on time. And the English subtitles and English dubbing will be available after a week or so.

What happened in Episode 26?

In the 26th episode, Hiro recalls the name of the boy which is Shiro Kiriyama. Shiro has revealed about his mind and how he fuses with empty shadow. Additionally, he says that he can’t lose to anyone.

Shadowverse Episode 27
Shadowverse Episode 27

Furthermore, Shiro asks Hiro if he has come to take the legendary card. Hiro says that he will not lose the fight and get the legendary card. After this, both of them begin the battle. And apart from this Alice and the team are busy in battle with humans. The empty shadows showing here and there are possessing humans. And for that Alice and her team needs to save all these humans.

On the other hand, Shiro unleashed powerful fighters and started to overpower over Hiro. And after all this, about 20 to 14 points dropped out. Additionally, Hiro’s cards reduce to 2 while he has 7 cards on his deck. Shiro laughed and said that he would love to see Hiro’s losing face. Shiro asks Hiro to quit the fight because he won’t win as there are only 25% chances of winning.


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