Shaman King manga will be releasing on ComiXology on October 6

The Manga, Shaman King, got the release announcement on Monday, 28th September by the Kodansha Comics. know more about the manga series below.


Shaman King: What’s The Release Date?

The Kodansha Comics had given the release date of 6th October, 2020 for the release of the manga.


Following the main manga release, The company will release the spin-off manga named as Shaman King: Zero on 13th of October, And then another spin off manga Shaman King Flowers on 20th October and then, Shaman King: Red Crimson on 27thOctober, and finally, Shaman King: Super Star on 8th December, 2020.

Previous Delay For The Release Of Shaman King:

At first the Kodansha Comics were going to release on July 28, and its spin-off manga like, The Shaman King: Zero, Shaman King: Red Crimson, Shaman King Flowers, and Shaman King: Super Star were decided to be released next month in August.

But then all got delayed and again slated for a new date. Though the coming is going to be released digitally now, but the Kodansha Comic, assured that the physical release of the Shaman King,


They will release it in all 11,omnibus three in one print edition, most probably in 2021 and 2022, and In spring 2021, there will be a consecutive release for the initial two manga volumes.

Availability Of Shaman King 

The USA publishing of Kodansha and the Comixology Originals, will be publishing the English translation of the manga for the whole 32 volumes, Adding to this, there will be a first time English release for the manga’s 34,35 as well as the 36 volumes too.

The manga will be available digitally on the platform of Amazon’s Kindle Store, Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited , Comixology and on it’s unlimited subscription service.

The cover art for the digital release of the manga is made by Takei.

Shaman King : Description

The manga is set in a world known as Shaman King, in which the Shaman have some enigmatic and magical powers which allows them to have a communication with the God, the spirits and dead. In between this, one person is Manta Oyamada who is learning all the things as he addresses a boy in the class who is well trained in Shaman Training.


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