So I’m a Spider So What Episode 8: Everything you need to know

Episode Title: Am I, Dead?


So I’m a Spider So What? Episode 8 still manages to switch things up for the viewers eight weeks in with a flashback to the classmates in their past lives. This anime is the part of Crunchyroll Original lineup. It is based on the light novel series of the same name by Okina Baba.


So i'm a spider so what

I’m a Spider So what?

The Novel follows a heroine and her classmates who are reincarnated into the RGP-style fantasy world. While many of her classmates fare better, the heroine is reincarnated as a baby spider.

Still mentally recovering from Hugo’s attack, Sachlain, Katia, and Yuri reflect together back at the academy. They are clearly suspicious of their former teacher, Oka, as they now know she is aware of a lot more than she lets on. Oka claims that she knows where many of them are, she just cannot tell others yet.

Episode 8 sets itself apart through this flashback. Of course, it isn’t the first of its kind by far, but while many isekai tend to focus on one character being reincarnated. The anime is at its strongest when it shows the kinds pushing past the previous stigmas they had towards each other. It gives the anime emotional stakes.

Episode 3:

Elsewhere, So I’m a Spider So What Episode 8 continues to deliver on fantastic battle sequences featuring our favorite spider. Every single time viewers think about spider

our heroine is getting a bit over-powered, a new encomescome across that ups the stakes.

Yes, there is a bit of plot armor since she is the protagonist, but what will make viewers lean forward is trying to figure out just how the heroine will get out of the situation. This time she is up against a dragon, and because it was previously wounded, its design is slightly grotesque and awesome to look at.

Overall, So I’m a Spider So What Episode 8 starts to fill in the gap where the show was lacking. It is starting to give the supporting cast more depth while maintaining strong fight sequences that will make it more enjoyable week to week.

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It is streaming now on Crunchyroll. its rating is 8.5/10 and winning viewer’s hearts.

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