Solo Leveling Chapter 119 – Release Date, Preview, And Much More!

Solo Leveling Chapter 119: It is one of the few mangas or traditional graphic novels that has more hype and expectation from the fans. In the previous chapter, we saw that the hunters were about to enter the dungeon. They were not afraid of anything and thought if it as the hardest A-rank dungeon. So in further chapters, we will see what happens next.


So if you want to know as to when Solo Leveling Chapter 119 will be released, here’s what we know so far about it.


Solo Leveling Chapter 119 – When will it release?

Chapter 119 of Solo Leveling is scheduled to release on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, at midnight (Korean Standard Time).

Solo Leveling Chapter 119 – What happened in the previous chapter?

In Chapter 118, we saw that the Orcs were making their way to the classroom at Jin-Ah’s school. There, the students had been hiding but one girl comes forward and says she doesn’t matter if she’s only an E-rank.

Jin-Ah stopped her but the huge green orcs enter the classroom, looking for the girl that has magic energy. They first take a glance at the E-rank girl but later came to know it was Jin-Ah who was emitting strong magical energy.


The Orcs move towards them but are opposed by three shadow soldiers that come out from Jin-Ah’s shadow. They strike the orcs and throws him off the roof. Jin-Ah then called out her Oppa’s name and the three shadow soldiers were now guarding the remaining students of the school.

Meanwhile, in the Busan dungeon, Jin-woo enters the dungeon with Hunter’s guild. But there is an appearance of a two-headed ogre. This makes them realize that this is the dungeon of the undead.

The hunters are able to take down the monster by attacking together but are soon taken aback, seeing a horde of undead in their path. However, these undead creatures weren’t attacking them because of Jin-woo.

After he receives an emergency alert from the soldiers that were inside Jin-Ah’s shadow, he immediately leaves. He summons Kaisel and commands him to hurry towards the school.


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