‘South Park’ Season 25: All the details you need!!

The new season, Season 25, of our very favourite series for so long, South Park, is round the corner. Not only this, we are all as excited to get on to the hots as you all are. Keep tagged along with us for all the fun-filled information you need of the most exciting sitcom of America.


Check out the article below for all the details and future updates!!



‘South Park’ has been one of the most favourite sitcoms for decades. It has also been one of the longest-running sitcoms. The demand for a new season is clear with the popularity it has gained over years.

‘South Park’ Season 25 is a small measure for any family, particularly with its deep dark mood story and practical humour dashes. Since 1997, more than 300 episodes have been aired and demand has never changed or dropped since then. Given the regulated popularity and demand for South Park Season 25 and South Park Season 26, the makers have decided to renew this series. South Park’s got 23 seasons so far. So the 24th season will be reported before the 25th season.

South Park Season 25


Unfortunately, there is no trailer out yet, for the upcoming Seasons 24 and 25.

This year, however, a special pandemic specific trailer was out. Season 24 in the South Park has yet to be published officially. But on September 30, a 1-hour pandemic episode was published. This marked the return of the show to production after the pandemic.


The 25th season will most probably have the same cast as South Park Season 24. It includes Trey Parker as Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh and Matt stone as Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski.


All 23 seasons can be streamed from Hulu, and every season is available on DIRECTV too. The seasons of South Park can also be purchased from platforms like Google Play, Vudu, iTunes and Amazon.

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