Spoiler alert for Dr.Stone Chapter 162, Release Date, theories, assumptions, and other major updates.

Are you excited to read Dr.Stone chapter 162? If yes then you have surely arrived at the right place. Dr.Stone chapter 161 has made the viewers even more curious about Senku’s journey than ever before.


We all know that it is Senku’s charm that has attracted the viewers. Whenever her life gets in danger, all Dr. Stone fans become anxious. Right? Now, what will happen when Senku is on the verge of death?


The anime Dr. Stone is written by Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. So without wasting much time let’s have a look at spoilers and other details about Dr.Stone chapter 162.

Dr.Stone chapter 162 Spoilers:

In Dr. Stone chapter 162, we will see Chrome along with his allies digging a tunnel. The group is helped by Tsukasa physically but not scientifically. They have to infiltrate as soon as possible. Further, chrome has not gained that much strength yet to handle Xeno. Gen will have a significant role in Dr. Stone chapter 162. There might be a tussle between Chrome’s squad and Xeno’s squad. Whether Chrome’s group will be able to succeed in escaping the danger will be known once the Anime comes.

In Dr.Stone chapter 161 we saw that Ryusui informs the crew about Dr. Xeno. The exploitation by Ryusui will be felt in chapter 162.

Release date of Dr.Stone chapter 162:

Weekly Shonen Jump had taken a break and hence, Dr. Stone Chapter 162 will not be out any time soon. Though the Korean scanlations will be out on 20 August this year, there will be no quick English fan scans. For them, the legit way is the only option. You can read official English translations of Dr. Stone chapter 162 once they are out on 23rd August this year. It will be available on the Viz website and the MangaPLUS website. Also, you may refer to the Shonen Jump App.

As of now the raw scans of Dr. Stone chapter 162 are not available and that is the only major source of spoilers. They might be out by 20 August till then all we have to do is to be patient. Once these scans are out they will soon be posted.


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